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Last Saturday as was at Raptus Bergen International Comics Festival 2004 :D and I met Lise, the creator of Nemi, and Roman Dirge, creator of Lenore and many other little horrific creatures.

It was so fun, I got up at 07:50 (on a saturday morning!) to get there before everyone else did, even though it didn't open before 11:00

I was on the second front row in Lise's seminar, and didn't have to queue long for getting my magazine signed (I had ordered the book two weeks before, but typically it hadn't arrived yet). I asked if I could have my picture taken with her, and se was like "yes, ofcourse! Come back here" so I went over to her and my friend took a picture :D

Here it is

Yes, naturally, I censored myself (too ugly for browser and viewers to handle)

Later, I found out that they sold Roman Dirge's stuff at a store there!

I was thrilled! I raced over to the store immediatly and bought Something at the Window is Scratching and Lenore - Noogies.

On my way out of the store, Don Rosa was having a signing. and hundreads of people were queued up, you really had to squeeze through to get from one place to another. So I did. As I "squeesed through" I thought how much I was looking forward to seeing Roman Dirge in own person and actually talking to him. It was pretty unreal imagining HIM speaking to ME while signing a book. Now, you will never guess which person I saw as I was squeezing through the crowd (No, it's not Mr.Rogers) - Roman Dirge! I reckodnised him at once, tattoos up his neck, down his hands, bigweird brown thingies in his ears - who else could it be? I've seen drawings of himself by himelf, and they're pretty life-like- So, I ran through the crowd, bumping into people and knocking some over, and went over to him. He stood there, alone, with no fans around him, only some guards and journalists, as if I was the only one who saw him. I held my nokia camera phone up close to him and took a picture (that didn't turn out that well) and then he saw me. I can't believe I said this, but I did: "I love you, you're my god!" and he was like "Oh, I like your bracelet!" and pointed at my long spiky bracelet thingie. I said "thank you!", and then I said "You make me laugh so much..." and he said "Oh, thanks!".

I went over to a chair to open my backpack and get out my digital camera so I could get a real picture, but when I turned around, he was gone.

The next 8 hours that day, my hands looked like I had parkinson. It even shows on some of my pictures, how much I've been shaking while taking them.

I went to a boring Tex Miller seminar (and nearly fell asleep) just so I could get a good seat for the next seminar - Roman Dirge's.           I got a good seat too - front row!

Afterwards he was signing stuff, and he signed my Something at the Window is Scratching book, and I asked if he could draw Mr.Gosh for me, and he was like "Yeah, sure!" I have it on the top of my bookshelf now :D along with the Nemi drawing.

I asked him one last question before I left: "What's your favourite way of killing Mr.Gosh?". He thought about it for a second or two, and then answered "Lawnmoer." Then everyone laughed. I said "Oh. I liked the 'plumbo in the tea' method". Then I asked "Are you gonna keep on killing him?" and he immediatly responded "YES! Definetley! He's in the next issue coming this year. Oh, well, he's not in it for long, cause Lenore kills him in the beginning."

I didn't ask how, cause I didn't want to spoil the suprise. But he probably wouldn't have spoiled it either.

All in all - that day was among the best one's in my life, and I'll never forget it!

By the way, here's the picture I took with him

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