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I just bought "The Cat with a really big head, and one other story that isn't as good" by Dirge, and it's pretty good, but I excpectetd it to be bigger.
It was really thin. I finished the whole thing in five minutes.
Has anyone read "Something at the window is Scratching" or "The monsters in my Tummy" ?
Hope they're thicker and more entertaining.
Still - the story was great, and kinda sad (and kinda HILARIOUS!)

Poor little kittie.....(mwuhahaha!)
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Deleted comment

I had a feeling that book would be good.
The title says so :)
Yes, I recently got something at the window is scratching and was very impressed, much more thick than the monsters in my tummy and the cat with the really big head ^^ Although like mthomas1975 said the stories aren't long, the longest one on something at the window is scratching lasts for about 3 pages...but it's all good stuff ^^
AND it's worth the small amount of money too :)
actually, in fucking England here it's quite expensive to buy from a comic store, can't be arsed to order online you see ^^
I ordered on and it wasn' that bad.
I think Monsters In My Tummy is the best
i have all the stories and all the comics and everything...does anyone else but me fancy johnen vasquez??
never heard of him. what does he do?
I love your userpic. It's really cool :)
hes the creator of invader zim, squee, johnny the homicidal maniac...and he did the bad art collection...
hes awesome. you should check him out
[[thanks your pic is awesome too. i love manson]]
IM me sometime. xXtabgledpuppet
ummmm.... jhonen vasquez is the creator of SQUEE, JTHM and in vader zim... roman dirge is the creator of lenore, the monsters in my tummy, etc.
yeah, isn't that what he meant?
jhonen vasquez is my hero! hes so pretty too :)
i can't fucking type.
the monsters in my tummy is one of the best roman books ever ^^